Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'll be Home for Christmas!‏

Dear Family,

Well, see you soon! Merry Christmas!

Love,Elder Osness

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

spiritual words‏

Dear Family, This past week has been a challenge. I came into the mission sick and I'm hoping I don't leave with this nasal cold. I got sick last week and haven't really been able to enjoy a lot of missionary work. Yesterday was my first well day, but I have a return of the headache today, so I'm hoping I can be over it and accomplish what is needed and recover. There is a lot of good still happening here and its really been great to meet and teach so many people. Clara is doing great and making many friends in the church. The ward here is really doing a great job in supporting the new members. Last week we taught a new person who was formerly dating a member and wanted us to come by and answer a few questions. The member family warned us of his challenging personality and questions, but the lesson went great and I don't think we answered a lot of his questions, but did teach some principles that would help his understanding and some questions that are going to be a little more valluable to answer on his own and how those answers would come. Its up to him. On Sunday we talked with the member family about our lesson and they had mentioned that he had felt something different and he felt great even though we didn't have the answers to a lot of his historical questions. I think the spirit gave some unspoken answers and now he knows what he must do.Things are moving along and I will see you all soon. Merry Christmas!Love you!Elder Osness

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas To All‏ (from the pres)

Dear Parents and Families,
This week has been a ordinary week of nice, hard work. President Gee was showing me the key indicator report today. There were over 5000 contacts made this week by our wonderful missionaries. This means they need to introduce themselves and invite the people to listen to the message. Of course most of them say they aren't interested but when that many people have the opportunity you know the missionaries are out doing what they were sent to do. President Gee often reminds them that if at the end of the day they can say they have given about twenty people the chance to hear the gospel they can say they have had a good day, even if the people didn't take advantage of the blessing. We are working on remembering to testify as they invite. We are sure the results will be even greater as we become better and better at bearing strong testimonies. The miracles start to happen when the missionaries are willing to pay the price. There were a lot of lessons taught as well.
On Sunday the temperature reached 70 degrees in some parts of the mission. We reminded the missionaries to be grateful for an early Christmas gift from mother nature. Some were delighted to be working in shirt sleeves again. However, Oklahoma is a roller-coaster. Today was shivering cold again.
President Gee and I had a chance to deliver some Christmas packages to a few of our missionaries this weekend. It is fun to see their Christmas Trees all decorated and lit up. Some of them are about 12 inches tall. Some of the trees are closer to six feet tall. It just depends on what they find in the apartments. They surely do appreciate anything that comes in the mail. One Elder said, "I invited my family to send a physical letter in the mail. Mail means more than money." I'm sure most of the missionaries feel that same delight when something comes in the mail.
This will be our official Christmas greeting to all of you. Next Monday we will be receiving 14 new missionaries. The days of transfers are some of our busiest and I am sure I won't have time to send a message. I guess I will take a little holiday break. We do want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We hope you love talking with your missionary on the phone on Christmas day. President Gee and I appreciate your interest and responses, and especially your prayers. We continue to pray for you. Our testimonies continue to strengthen as we see the Lord's hand in this work. We testify that your sons or daughters are literally God's messengers. What a way to celebrate Christmas! They will never forget being part of such a great cause. On to the victory!
Love, Sister Gee (and President Gee)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Dear Family, I've got to be quick. I'm still working on my trunky papers. This report on my mission is taking most of my computer attention, but I will tell you it has been a great week! Clara was baptized and as I look back I often wonder how anything comes together, but it does. We also had a good temple conference and it was nice to attend the temple. The pictures are of a grip of my mission posterity at the temple conference and of Clara's baptism. Its so awesome to see things like this come together. It seems the people that require the least effort and take care of their own conversion are the ones who make real progress where as with some people we work and work and work, but progress is slow...because of a lack on their part. Just got to work on show the importance so they feel the need. Then wonderful things happen.Love ya!Elder Osness

Christmas Conference‏

Dear Parents and Families,

Last Wednesday and Thursday we had our much looked-forward-to Christmas Conference in the Surrey Hills Chapel by the Oklahoma City Temple. On Wednesday when President Gee and I walked into the chapel the missionaries were assembled and reverently studying their scriptures. I could feel the spirit before we even began. I hope I never get insensitive to the power that a group of good missionaries has. We began with "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." It sounded like angels were singing. We have some wonderful singers in the group. President Gee ususally sings with gusto. He learned to sing in his youth when he spent hours on the tractor. He developed power singing above the noise. On Wednesday, however, he wasn't singing. I looked at him and could see tears in his eyes. I patted him on the leg, because there were tears in my eyes as well. It was so touching. We wished we could sing much longer. In fact, later in the day we inserted some unplanned Christmas Carols. After some preliminary remarks half of the half of the mission left to attend a session at the temple. The temple workers were almost as happy as we were that the missionaries were there. It takes a lot of work on their part to take care of us, since most of the missionaries don't have all their temple clothes. I love seeing the missionaries in their suits, ties, and dresses, but it can't compare to seeing them all in white. They were able to spend a little time in the Celestial room to ponder and pray.

After the session the group returned to the chapel to share testimonies and positive mission experiences. The other half was in the temple by then. What a boost it is to have each and every missionary share some little miracle that has happened to them and to also affirm their testimony.

Next we had a mission picture taken in front of the temple. It was freezing cold but we tried to keep each other warm. Afterwards both groups went into the chapel for the final words from President Gee. He spent time introducing the new theme for 2010. It will be "Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not. fear not." D&C 6:36

It was a day of fasting, so by 4:30 in the afternoon thoughts were turning to food. The Oklahoma City Stake furnished a very nice Christmas meal for all of us. It was beautifully decorated and the missionaries were more than eager to consume ham, funeral potatoes, beans, breads, salad, and trifle dessert. They love to visit with one another. We could tell they were reluctant for it all to end. They were taking pictures by the score. We were grateful that the weather cooperated and we didn't have to cope with an ice storm.

Thursday was pretty much a repeat of Wednesday except they were a bit more exuberant in their visiting and it took a while to get them to settle down. It was another uplifting and renewing day. President Gee and I breathed a sigh of relief when they were all safely back to their areas. We kind of feel like the highlight of the Christmas season has passed, but we will still enjoy the things that are ahead.

Christmas boxes are starting to pile up in the office. It is kind of like Santa's workshop during December. We noticed several of the elders were sporting some newly received gloves. Those gloves and also neckscarves really help. Some of them have thermal underwear, etc. that also helps to keep them warm. Thanks for your support and prayers. Please pray for the health of the missionaries. Several have developed colds, probably because winter is now officially here.

We have potential for a good month of baptisms. Please also add your prayers in behalf of those who have committed to be baptized. We love our missionaries! They want to do the Lord's work. We are so blessed to be part of the work. Have a good week. President Gee sends his best wishes. We both pray for you!

Love, Sister Gee

Thursday, December 3, 2009

gonna be quick‏

Dear Family, pictures:I see a star shining brightly! we put our strand of lights to good use at our apartment and made a large bright star in our sliding glass door. The other pictures are of some more mission posterity at the new missionary/trainer meeting and of the set up at the last Family Fun Zone of the season. Well, I've got to work on my trunky papers so I don't have much time. Things are good and we have a great baptism scheduled for Saturday. Clara is doing great, though we've lost our friend Edwin. no body knows where he is and as a result will probably not be getting baptized this weekend. Clara has a strong enough testimony to fill and over fill the gap that won't be coming from Edwin. Things are good and I love you all! Looking forward to the baptism of Clara. -Elder Osness

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just one more holiday...‏

Hey family, It seems like everyday I'm reminded by someone that I'm going home soon. Its really strange to think. Its coming but doesn't seem tangible, which is good. I'm hoping I can see these people I'm teaching make greater commitment to God before I leave. Things are looking great for most, but some are struggling to really take hold and let their testimony grow. We are teaching one whose probably the most spiritual person I've met on my mission. She's from West Africa and is just flourishing with her testimony. She hasn't missed church since she's been and studies and will be sharing this with her friends and family. I'll be gone before I get to see much of that, but its definately a great experience to be a part of the conversion process of not only my own, but others as well. This week we ran into some members of the Restoration Church...interesting. They are a great family and you can tell they live their life the best they can to follow the teachings of Jesus and the Prophets. The Restoration church came from The RLDS church after a revelation on the priesthood that many dissagreed with. After talking with them I've come to know even more that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is God's true church on the earth in its fulness with our Father in heaven himself leading it. Hopefully with their future experiences with us and the church here their testimony of the living Prophets and Apostles will develope.I love you all and I'll see you...:) I'm off to my last holiday. I've never experienced such a wide variety of turkey. Love Ya! -Elder Osness